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Why is Glamping good for YOU?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

You either love camping or you don't. For many the experience of the great big outdoors is an inspiring and refreshing way to recharge. The struggle of escaping to a night under the stars, which deters most, comes with the long "survivor" packing list followed by hiking out to the wilderness and pitching a tent. Not the most convenient getaway for those that are less inclined to a rugged getaway. Thus, we introduce Glamping - "glamorous camping". A luxurious way to enjoy a relaxing camping experience without forgoing your usual comforts of home.

Glamping is camping in style. It’s got all of the kinks worked out already, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy it.

Here are five reasons why you should go glamping at O'kana Guest Ranch for your next vacation:

1. Reset your natural sleeping pattern

"We lay there and looked up at the night sky and she told me about stars called blue squares and red swirls and I told her I'd never heard of them. Of course not, she said, the really important stuff they never tell you. You have to imagine it on your own." - Brian Andreas

Sounds dreamy right? A night under the stars might just be the help you need to reset. Most of us spend too much time staring at this glowing screen and then have trouble sleeping, it's not news that technology is turning us into night owls. A vacation in the woods will help to reset your circadian clock to increase your well-being.

At O'kana guest Ranch, you can enjoy the stars from the comfort of a spacious and bright 'stargazer' pod. Complete with a comfortable queen bed with luxury linens/pillows, leather chairs, it provides all that you need to reset with out the hassle of pitching your own tent.

Learn more about how a week in the woods can reset your internal clock with this study: Entrainment of the Human Circadian Clock to the Natural Light-Dark Cycle

2. Fresh Air

“Nature is fuel for the soul, often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature.” – Richard Ryan, researcher and professor of psychology at the University of Rochester.

Fresh air is good for your health! Fresh air has been shown to help digest food more effectively, improve blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen the immune system, reduce obesity rates, and strengthen family ties, all leading to a healthier you.

Take a deep breath! Fresh air is known to help the airways of your lungs to dilate more fully and improves the cleansing action of your lungs. When you exhale and breathe out through your lungs, you release airborne toxins from your body.

Getting fresh air will help you have a sharper mind and more energy! Research shows that “spending time in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, increases energy in 90 percent of people,” says Abigail Wise, The Huffington Post. There is a “positive impact of being outdoors and around natural elements on subjective vitality, above and beyond the effects of physical activities or social interactions that can take place in natural settings,” adds researcher Richard Ryan, et al.

The yurts at O'kana Guest Ranch are situated among Ponderosa Pines. Stick your nose into the bark of a tall, old ponderosa pine, and you’ll get a distinctive whiff of vanilla or butterscotch. Or maybe a nose full of sap! One thing we know for sure is the Ponderosa Pine has the ability to provide an essential of life for all living things: oxygen. Spend a day swinging in a hammock under an old Ponderosa and let us know if you feel a difference!

3. Quality time

"If people could understand how much pleasure they could have by themselves, I think everyone would be a lot saner. I think that people really need a dose of quality time with one's self." - Lydia Lunch

Whether you are carving out time in your schedule to connect with yourself, a loved one or a friend, research shows that "quality time" is essential to our well-being.

Quality time alone - Humans are social creatures; we thrive when we have meaningful connections with other people— But you can’t be social all the time. If you really want to be your happiest, healthiest, and most productive self, you also need a meaningful connection with yourself—and that means spending time alone.

Allowing yourself to have some time alone can help you develop creative ideas, be more productive, and even help you recharge. A 2017 study found that when people chose to spend time alone, they felt less stressed and more relaxed. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with work and life commitments (and all the social activity that goes along with it), carving out some “you” time at O'kana Guest Ranch can be exactly what you need to recharge—and then resume with those commitments feeling energized, engaged, and ready to move forward.

Quality time together - O'kana Guest Ranch is a great place to schedule some tech-free time with a loved one. Spending quality time with your partner is the best way to ensure your relationship stays healthy and strong. This means going above and beyond sitting together while you watch Netflix or going out for the occasional dinner. You deserve more from your relationship – and so does your spouse!

What does quality time mean? It means spending time with your spouse without interruption. It’s a chance for you to come together and talk. Communication will build emotional intimacy and trust.

Quality time is also about expressing love in a physical way. Not sex, necessarily (but that’s great, too!) but through hand-holding, cuddling, caressing, and tickling. Studies show that these displays of affection will boost partner satisfaction. Can you think of a better way to connect than under the stars?

Both the Stargazer yurt and the Boho yurt at O'kana Guest ranch offer private fire pits for you to sip your drinks while watching the moon and stars. Once you wind down for the night, you can lay in bed and watch the night stars through the beautiful skydomes.

4. Explore the Natural Beauty

O'kana Guest Ranch is surrounded by the Okanagan's natural beauty. Within minutes you can explore tons of gorgeous views that can be discovered in Summerland BC. From Okanagan Lake to Giants Head Mountain and beyond, Summerland is lush with vineyards and orchards that enhance the area.

Being in nature boosts feelings of well-being and life satisfaction. In fact, simply being outside and breathing fresh air has been shown to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. Research shows that being in nature, also called forest bathing, reduces stress and enhances relaxation. The KVR trail runs through Summerland offering a ton of ways to take in the valley.

Some of our favourite KVR views include:

Trout Creek Trestle Bridge - A short scenic walk takes you across the Trout Creek Trestle with a remarkable view of the Trout Creek Canyon and Okanagan Lake! Built between 1910 and 1915, the section of the KVR in Summerland between Trout Creek and Bathville Road is the only preserved section of the railway that is still used to this day. Originally 523 km long, the KVR is now mainly used for hiking, biking and even horseback riding.

Conkle Mountain - The trails on Conkle Mountain are designed primarily by and for the downhill biking community but hikers frequent them as well. Hikers will find the trails overly loopy and want more direct routes up and down. For this reason, try taking Frontside up (Full Frontal meanders gratuitously back and forth). For the return journey from the top, try Conkle Bonk cutting over to Midline to wrap back around to the beginning.

There are great views of Okanagan Lake from the top with Giant’s Head front and centre.

Osprey Lake Loop follows the KVR Trail and Princeton-Summerland Highway looping around Osprey Lake. Can be travelled in either direction.

Want to get around faster? E-bike rentals are available in Summerland through companies like E-kruise or Velo Volt Mobile E-Bike Rentals

5. New discoveries around every corner.

Did you think we were going to leave out the wine? O'kana Guest Ranch is a proud member of the Bottleneck Drive

Wine with a Charcuterie board by Cuterie Creations
Wine with a Charcuterie board by Cuterie Creations

Take the time to experience Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive within minutes of your glamping destination. With sweeping vineyards and lush orchards, Summerland is full of boutique wineries and craft beverage creators. Everything on Bottleneck Drive is closely grouped on the banks of Okanagan Lake, so it’s easy to drive or cycle your way around.

Check out these suggested self-guided tours HERE

After a day of discovering your favourite new sips, taking in some natural beauty or enjoying some quality time, you can rest easy knowing you don't have to fiddle with setting up a tent or rowdy hotel guests. We assure you, once you go Glamping, it will be hard to look back! Here you get the best of both worlds, a luxurious way to enjoy a relaxing camping experience without forgoing your usual comforts of home.

We hope to see you soon!

Enjoying some local wine finds back at O'kana Guest Ranch

Photography provided by Deanna Dunham Designs


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